Know your dog’s having a good day, even if you’re not.

  • Live-stream HD video
  • Monitor temperature, humidity and air quality
  • Zoom as much as 300%
  • Save your favorite moments to the cloud
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What Canary customers are saying:

“As an urban apartment dweller, occasional traveler and pet owner, Canary is really just the perfect product for me.”


“Canary is like having your own eyes and ears watching over your home 24/7. It gives me peace of mind to be able to check on my loved ones when I'm away”


“I am a worrier and this has helped give me peace of mind with no monthly fees! It is very affordable and so worth my family's safety.”


Make sure your best friend is safe when you're away.

See your cat in action. Make sure the dog walker came on time. It’s easy to check on your pets with Canary, a brand-new approach to home security.