While you’re away.

Canary is home.

Get intelligent alerts, stream live HD video, and respond from anywhere.

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Canary knows when you're home and away

Away mode
Away Mode

When all members are away, Canary monitors for activity and sends notifications.

Home mode
Home Mode

When a member is home, Canary automatically disarms itself based on your settings.

Night mode
Night Mode

Schedule Canary to monitor for activity and send you notifications while you sleep.

Privacy mode

When set to private, Canary’s camera and microphone are fully disabled.

Protecting your home and your privacy.

From the start, Canary was built with your security in mind. No other camera has a privacy option that completely shuts down the camera and microphone. Manual or automatic settings put you in control of what’s recorded.

All video and data is encrypted with bank-level security, and our systems are regularly audited by external security architects and penetration testers to make Canary as secure as possible.

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