Smarter technology.
Superior design.
Real security.

Canary is a new approach to home security. See why people everywhere are choosing Canary to protect their homes.

Faster response from the authorities.

Canary provides emergency phone numbers right in the app, giving you one-touch access to police, fire and emergency medical services. With video and audio evidence of burglaries in progress, your call will get the priority it deserves.

“A notification from Canary alerted me to video of two men entering my home. After I called the police, they were on the scene less than 4 minutes later to catch the would-be thieves.”
— Mike, Indiana
2:34 pm

Burglars detected by Canary

Burglary timeline event
2:35 pm

Emergency call placed

2:38 pm

Police arrive on the scene

Burglary timeline event
Automatic mode switching.

There’s no need to fuss with a keypad or even pull out your phone. Canary senses when you come and go, and automatically changes modes.

Away mode timeline event
8:21 am

Daniel left Home

Away mode
8:21 am

Canary entered away mode

High quality video, day or night.

With Canary’s premium video quality, superior night vision, and 147 degree wide-angle lens you can always know what’s happening at home. Watch live anytime and stream full-length HD clips at no extra cost.

High quality video
Privacy you can trust.

With a built-in privacy setting, Canary lets you completely shut down the camera and microphone at any time. When recording, Canary employs extensive security measures to protect private data.

Away modePrivacy mode
Privacy timeline eventPrivacy timeline event
Privacy timeline event