Home Security Camera Options and Benefits

Home Security Camera Options

If you’re trying to choose the best security camera for your home, the choice can mind-boggling for anyone inexperienced in home security, that’s true. However, you can solve this issue easily once you know what you need.

If you want to make the right choice, you should know the options of security camera types you can purchase for your home. Keep in mind that these are just the most common camera types and might not include all of the factors you should consider. There is also a versatility of available features, intelligence (yes, cameras have it too), pricing, usage options (temperature, location, etc.), and more.

For some guidance, we made a short list of the features that each camera type offers you.

IR (infrared) security camera

Used both for home and office security, IR cameras produce high-resolution videos during the day but can also be used in low light or no light. They can illuminate the coverage area by switching black to white thanks to the infrared illuminators, making it possible to see what is happening even when the actual lights are off.

Dome security camera

There are infrared domes, indoor and outdoor domes, pan tilt zoom domes, and vandal proof domes, among others. Based on your choice, you can expect different features. The classic dome cameras make it hard for potential home invaders to see where the lens is pointing.

Pro box camera

This camera type is known for the high quality of its video and can also feature infrared.

Pan tilt zoom camera

You can control this camera with remote software, a joystick, or the DVR. These cameras can be moved in all directions and often have a zoom option.

Hidden cameras

Hidden cameras can come in all forms and sizes, such as fake smoke detectors, clocks, motion detectors, sprinklers, and even exit signs. However, they usually don’t have infrared sensors and cannot be tilted.

Wired or wireless cameras

The names say it all – your choice between a wired or wireless camera can determine its location and line of sight as well as video quality.

Home Security Camera

Installing a home security system will bring you many benefits. The advantages are all out there, which is why more and more homeowners decide to take this step and make an investment in their home and family's safety.

Any expert in security systems will tell you the same – you don't just need a security camera to protect you against break-ins. Yes, you can definitely deter such things from happening and prevent crimes in your home or property. However, the right security camera will provide you with a myriad of other options, too.

If you have teenagers or pets in your home, you surely want to keep track of their movements, so the camera will help you do this remotely. When someone stops by your home, even if it is the mailman, you can use the camera to get a notification and even a live video feed.

Home security cameras will keep your belongings safe, and you can place these cameras anywhere that you store valuables. Finally, you can use the camera to remotely monitor and keep your children safe, especially if they are babies. Even a baby monitor is a type of a security camera.

Home Security Camera Benefits

Since you are probably considering adding some security to your home, you will enjoy the benefits a security camera offers. Here are just a few of those benefits:

An actual visual knowledge of what is happening

The notification system of a good camera in the form of a text or sound alert will keep you informed as to who arrived at your front door, where your child is, whether your family members got back home, etc.

Peace of mind

No one likes burglars, which is why one of the greatest benefits of security cameras is the feeling of safety they provide. You will feel much better when you know that no intruder can enter your home without your knowledge. It doesn't really matter if you are inside or outside the home – peace of mind comes with the action of buying a security camera.

A chance to prevent problems

When you see an intruder, you can call the police to try to prevent them from stealing or damaging your belongings. When you see a vandal, you can stop them from destroying your home. Even when you see your child doing something wrong or leaving the home, you can act quickly to stop the problem. Even a single camera on the only exit of your home will help you keep track of your pet’s movements and save you from hours spent looking for him outside.

Record or evidence

Whether you need it for insurance or to catch the bad guy, the camera will provide you with the video you need as evidence.

Best Home Security Camera

Naturally, you want the best for your home and your family’s safety. What you need is a combination of all features necessary to keep you safe and in control of what is happening inside or outside your home.

What you need is the Canary Pro (All-in-One).

It is the perfect system for all your needs – it requires no installation, works on Wi-Fi connections, and can be set anywhere you want. You have all the power you need right in your hands. The Canary app will get you connected with local emergency services when needed and sound a 90-decibel siren and stop an intruder at the same moment he attempts to enter your home.

The best part is that Canary is smart. You can adjust it the way you want it, and it constantly learns. With remarkably crisp records and automatic night vision, there's no need to purchase multiple cameras. You even have a wide-angle lens, meaning that you only need a single camera and you will see the entire surrounding with clarity. Smart doesn’t end there. You can give Canary orders and ask it to detect people entering and exiting your home, as well as monitor the temperature, humidity, and air quality in the rooms where it is placed.

Security isn’t all about home invaders and your belongings. Canary is the best tools because it keeps the people you safe from a variety of hidden dangers

Home Security Camera Brands

As with any other product you rely on, you probably want to purchase a camera from a reputable brand. If you want to know what the most poupar brand names in this industry are, here is a short list.

Canary is by far the highest-rated brand in terms of a home security camera. Their products’ features are more numerous than any other you'll find in this list, and they provide some unique features such as facial recognition and extremely wide lenses.

Lorex offers all kinds of security products. In terms of camera systems, they have a variety of wireless cameras that are available in 4K quality and can send the data received from the camera up to 500 feet.

Hikvision is a popular manufacturer of camera products that use top-of-the-line features and lenses. They sell all kinds of security systems, from cameras to video intercoms, as well as virtual solutions like a cybersecurity hotline.

Logitech is very popular among those who want security as well as businesses who need cameras.

Uniden first started as a company that sold marine electronics and CB radios. Now they are popular for their cameras and accessories for security cameras. Their range of products isn’t large, but the quality is high.

Samsung is popular for everything and, as one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the world, they also produce security cameras. They have many options you can choose from.

Home Security Camera Bundles

Surveillance is one of the best ways to keep your family, home, or business secure. When it comes to a security camera, you obviously want the best. Without a proper camera system, you might miss the important data you need for insurance coverage, evidence, or even security against intruders or protection of your loved ones.

If your goal is to keep your home safe and keep track of what is going on in it or outside, there are many things you need to have in a camera bundle.

Type of camera

The first thing is, of course, the type of camera you need. You may need cylindrical bullet cameras, dome cameras that tilt and zoom, live streaming cameras, or even a hidden camera no one will notice.

Wire or wireless

There is also the matter of wires. If you need to cover a wider range or bigger distance, you need a camera that is wireless and can be connected to Wi-Fi for Bluetooth.

Resolution and viewing angle

Think about the kind of resolution you expect as well as the viewing angle of the camera lens.

Memory, light and weather toughness

Security cameras vary in their memory storage capacity, ability to capture images in the dark, and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Naturally, the best choice is the one with complete coverage. The best security camera bundle is a control system with numerous features, high quality video, and availability for all kinds of uses. Weigh prices against the camera features that are most important to fill your security needs.

Home Security Camera Baby Monitor

Baby monitors don’t usually provide the same amount and storage as a complex security system, but there are some of these monitors that combine a fine variety of options. With the right security camera baby monitor, you can get limited networking capability, two-way audio, humidity and heat sensors, high-resolution image, narrow range of vision, remote light displays that soothe the baby, snapshot options when the baby moves and turns, and more.

The traditional security camera is designed to capture images at a wide angle and in the dark, can be wired into a network and connected to other cameras, and will provide you with video of the inside and outside of your home.

The difference is obvious, and yet both are very similar. Watching your baby through a baby monitor means keeping him or her safe, which is the idea behind security cameras. Based on your needs, you can choose the perfect security system to watch your baby. Your system might be adjustable and turn to see a larger area, include photo opportunities where you can take an instant photo of your baby, or let you keep an eye even when the child sleeps in the dark.

Home Security Camera Battery

If you’re looking for a home security camera battery, there are many questions to ask yourself.

  • What kind of batteries do I need?
  • How long will the battery last in my security camera?
  • Can I recharge batteries for my camera?
  • Where should I buy my batteries?
  • Which brand of batteries is the best one?

The answers to these questions are extremely variable by type of camera. Firstly, battery life can vary greatly. The factors that impact it include Wi-Fi router, temperature, night vision, motion activity, live streaming, battery brand, placement, capacity, etc. Before you buy any battery for your security camera, you need to figure out what your camera requires and which features you are most likely to use. When you know all this, you will know how long the battery will last and what kind you need.

With hundreds of choices for security cameras, choosing a high-quality one is essential. You surely don’t want to buy an expensive, highly rated camera and make the mistake of placing the wrong or low-quality batteries in it. If your camera has no power, it won’t matter how many features it has when it isn’t able to catch a home invader on video.

Based on your needs, there will be all kinds of batteries to choose from. Some are specifically designated for outdoor purposes, meaning that they will withstand different weather conditions and be water-resistant. Some batteries will require you to place them within the coverage of your Wi-Fi for better functioning. Finally, to avoid frequent charging or changing of your batteries, you can get rechargeable batteries with longer battery life and the ability to send you notifications when the battery is almost dead.

Home Security Camera Comparison

When it comes to your security, the best option for a camera is one that is affordable and easy to use. There are a variety of new features that come with the most popular models on the market and make your home even safer. However, not every model is the same or provides you with the same durability and quality, so naturally you want to make the best choice available.

To help you make the right choice, here is a short comparison of some of the most popular home security cameras.


Canary is not just an affordable solution for your home security, but also offers the following features:

  • 147° wide-angle lens and night vision
  • Motion detection and 1080p image sensor
  • HD camera
  • Weather-resistant
  • High-quality microphone and built-in speaker
  • Two-way Canary talk features
  • 90 + dB siren and 100-240V power supply
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Wired Ethernet
  • Ambient light and capacitive touch sensors
  • Encrypted cloud storage and secure web transfer
  • 1-year warranty

Vimtag VT-361 PTZ Cloud Camera

This camera isn’t of very high quality and the static field of view is unknown, but except for these disadvantages, the Vimtag VT-361 has some fine features:

  • 720p
  • 320° tilt and 120° pan
  • 2-way talkback and mic and speaker
  • Affordable price

Nest Cam Indoor

With a higher resolution than the previous item, this choice is of better quality. However, it provides no movement and comes at a relatively high price. The features include:

  • 2-way talkback, mic and speaker
  • 130° field of view
  • Solid resolution of 1080p

Home Security Camera Cost

A quality home security camera can be found for the budget you have. Just decide on the price range you can spend and the needs you have in terms of features and storage, and you will find a camera that fits you. Of course, the higher resolution a camera has, as well as the greater number of features, the higher price it will have.

Security cameras can be extremely cheap and combine a few features or more low-quality features, be overly expensive and have everything you can think of, or have average pricing and combine just the right amount of features you need. Canary comes in the middle. With affordable and realistic pricing that exceeds your expectations when you see the features, it is a safe and cheap solution for your security problems.

Placing a camera means that you want security for your home. You cannot possibly achieve this with a low-resolution, low-quality camera. This is why Canary makes the finest combination – high-resolution, a myriad of extra features, and night vision, all at an affordable rate.

Home Security Camera Deals

If you purchase a one-year premium service with Canary, you get $50 off the full price for the amazing Pro (All-in-One) system they offer. If this isn't inviting enough, purchasing a two-year premium service takes $100 off the price, leaving you with a quote of only $69 to pay.

The regular price of the Canary Pro (All-in-One) system is $169, which is not a high price to start with. Considering that this is one of the most varied systems for home security, including a 1080p HD camera, siren, climate monitor, desktop streaming, video storage, and two-way talk, the deals are unbelievable.

There are many other deals available online, some of them for the remaining popular cameras too. You just have to wait and find such a deal. At this moment, the LaView 4ch 1TB Security System by Walmart is sold for $139, free shipping. This is currently the lowest price at which this item has sold.

One good deal at the moment for a camera with a limited number of features is the Annke 1080p indoor security camera. You can use it indoors only due to the materials used in the manufacturing and enjoy only four features: Wi-Fi, night vision, two-way audio, and high resolution of 1080p. It now comes at a rate of $38.99 compared to the original one at $59.99.

Home Security Camera Design

Depending on the home security camera design, you’ll need to adjust it to complete the installment process. Some home security cameras are specifically designed to be unnoticeable or barely noticeable. Others are made to be placed in a certain corner and have a specific angle, while till others have an option to tilt and turn as per your wish.

Based on the features and designs, some cameras are harder to install than others. This is something you should definitely pay attention to when making your decision. A camera might come at a very affordable rate, but the installation can be so complex that it costs you more than the actual camera purchase.

If you wish to have a camera that is easily noticeable to make people simply stay away from your home, you are looking for a more visible design. Most people want their cameras to be hidden or small enough that they don't ruin their home décor, so the design is definitely important.

The camera design will also determine the features that the camera will offer you, especially the shooting angle and the tilt or zoom options. It will also determine which areas are under surveillance and which are not. This is, of course, something you should take a very close look at.

Home Security Camera Easy Install

With Canary, there is no complicated installation process. The fee you pay for the camera is the total fee you will spend. Canary is specifically designed to be placed anywhere, on a table or a shelf, and that’s it. No installation is necessary and you can improve your home security within seconds.

In addition to the simple setup, Canary uses the Home Health Technology system. This means that wherever you place it, it will monitor the air quality, humidity, and temperature. Finally, its intelligent alerts features make it possible for you to get alerts for anything that passes by the location where you placed it, therefore making it the most conveniently designed system available on the market.

It is the perfect system for you. Placing it on a shelf or a table makes it hardly noticeable, and its design is so modern, people will hardly ever guess that this is your security camera. As a result, you can keep track of everything happening inside your home, and the quick dial feature will assist you in reporting intruders within seconds.

If you do decide to install some other camera system, you will have to look for one with free or easy installation. Security camera system installation can cost a few hundred dollars, which is more than most cameras cost on their own.

Home Security Camera Equipment

A home security camera can provide you with a feeling of safety. There is an eye on things happening in your home, which makes you aware of dangers and helps you protect your property and loved ones. In addition to security, such cameras can be used for a variety of reasons, such as looking out for your kids or even checking the air quality in the room. This is what advanced security system can provide you with.

Every home needs a security system. We all want to keep vandalism away and keep everyone safe. Many of us want to know where our teenage kids go at night or whether our houseguests stole or damaged anything. Cameras can serve any purpose you want them to.

With the variety of equipment offered on the market, it is very likely that there is a perfect security system for everyone. However, there are many things you should be wary of, such as prices and features offered. The technology used in the camera and the equipment are equally important as the price you pay for it.

Naturally, there are all kinds of cameras and with it, all kinds of equipment. Many cameras aren’t wireless, so expect to have all kinds of equipment necessary to install them in your home. You will need cables to connect them to a recorder, concealers to hide the wires running all over your place, and any other piece of equipment necessary to make them work.

Even wireless cameras might require some extra equipment. If you want to place any camera on the wall of an indoor or outdoor location, you will need some basic equipment. You’ll also need something to calculate the distance to the Wi-Fi router, since most cameras won’t work if they’re too far away.

Home Security Camera External

Surveillance is highly important for the safety of your home and loved ones. You can either buy the first security alarm system you find or pay the first company that offers it, or you can carefully choose the best system based on your requirements and your property.

When it comes to choosing an outdoor home security camera, the main features to look for are weather-resistant features. If it’s going to be outside all the time, the camera must be waterproof and have a certain weatherproof rating. The better it is in these terms, the longer it will last you.

Of course, there is also the matter of space you have to consider. Calculate how many cameras will you need to cover the space outside. You can decide between purchasing fewer cameras with a larger range or buy a dozen with a smaller coverage areas. Resolution is also essential for any camera you’ll buy, external or internal. When it comes to external cameras, night vision function and high resolution are very important if you want to see who enters and exits your home at any time of day.

Some other features to consider include:

  • Access to the camera (laptop, mobile device, etc.)
  • Recording capacity
  • Wired or wireless camera
  • Pricing and deals
  • Energy-saving features

Home Security Camera for Elderly

Home security cameras have become very popular among concerned people who want to take care of their elderly grandparents or parents but are unable to do so in person because of other obligations. Whenever you are away from your beloved relatives, such cameras let you see what they are doing and whether they need help.

Over twelve million older people live alone in the US, making it tough on both their families and themselves. Given this, elderly camera monitoring might just be the perfect solution that will keep everyone safe. You can check on your elderly family members if they suffer from conditions such as Alzheimer’s or have mobility issues. A camera of this kind will let you listen and talk to the family members from afar. As is the case with many parents who watch caregivers with their children, you can use such cameras to monitor nurses who take care of the elderly.

The grandparent or parent will enjoy peace of mind too. They can also use a monitoring system to see who enters their house and when, keeping them safe and peaceful at all times.

Home Security Camera for Sale

If you need a high-quality, durable home security camera, but don't have enough funds to afford one, shop around. Cameras can be expensive, especially the more advanced models. As technology for surveillance advances, there are many interesting features introduced in the security industry, such as automatic notifications, talkback, web transfer, storage, and even temperature or air monitoring.

These all sound great, but combining more and more of them only means a higher price. Of course, the combination also boosts the abilities of the camera and, with it, your security and the safety of those who you are trying to protect. The Canary security system combines all these features and more, which is why it is one of the most popular cameras being sold on the market.

You’d think that this will make it high priced, but you’d be wrong. The camera offers a great deal for those who purchase a premium service of a year or two. In fact, if you purchase a two-year premium service, you get $100 off the price of the camera, which is over 60% off! That’s quite a deal, as you can see. For the features offered, as well as the unique and convenient design, a sale is something unexpected and very welcome among customers.

Home Security Camera for Baby Monitor

Just listening with an audio-only baby monitor is no longer enough for many parents. As a parent, it is normal to want to know what your baby is doing and whether he or she is safe in the bedroom, especially when you are not there with him. This is why baby monitors with an included home security camera are now widely used.

Having a baby monitor with a home security camera comes with many perks. You can see whether the child is turning in bed, actually crying or making noises while sleeping. More importantly, you can keep him or her safe all the time with a camera that sends notifications and lets you see whenever someone visits or holds the baby. If you have a caregiver taking care of your baby while you’re at work, having such a camera will provide you with the peace of mind you long for.

However, the choice isn't easy. To choose the right recording options and camera angle, as well as the camera type itself, you need to consider a variety of factors. You'd ideally want to choose a security camera with high resolution and video storage, as well as some of the latest and most popular features such as a heat and humidity sensor, a remote light display that soothes and distracts your baby, and snapshot capabilities.

Home Security Camera Front Door

The most common point of entry for burglars is the front door, so if you want to improve your security, this is definitely a place to install a camera. When it comes to your home’s security, a front door security camera is the greatest necessity. You won’t benefit as much from placing cameras inside the home if there is nothing to cover the outside. With a front door security camera, you will be instantly alerted by the arrival of visitors, welcomed or unwelcomed.

Still, choosing from the variety of front door cameras in this market is very hard. Wi-Fi cameras are undoubtedly easier to install, but you'll also need a motion detector and a myriad of other features to give your safety an actual guarantee. A high megapixel, a motion-activated security camera at your front door provides you with the tools you need to catch an intruder before he or she damages or steals your property or harms your loved ones. Add other features such as a speaker, video storage, night-vision to ensure that your security is guaranteed, and you are good to go.

Night vision features are essential for a camera you will place outside. You want to keep your home safe at all times, even when it is dark out. Fortunately, there are affordable solutions for a front door home security camera that combine all these necessary features.

Home Security Camera for Apartment

Home security systems can be installed everywhere, not just in offices or stores. In fact, more and more people choose to install a security camera in their apartment. Keeping your home safe from any harm is very important. Still, not every security system is designed with the needs of the renter in mind. This can make shopping for an apartment security camera a bit tricky.

As an apartment owner or renter, here are some of the features you should look for in a security camera. These will help you make the best decision.

Wireless or wired camera

Keep in mind that the former can be installed faster and easier, while you will need many wires and more work to install the wired system. Easy installation is the biggest perk of wireless security, followed by flexibility in terms of finding a location for the camera.

Installation and tools

Some cameras are inexpensive, but their installation costs more than the camera itself. As an apartment owner, you should ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on camera installation and whether you’d prefer a simpler design or a complicated one.

Type of camera

You can choose to have a small or large camera, one or several, cameras that tilt and turn or static cameras, night vision included or excluded, and many other options.

Home Security Camera for Pets

It doesn’t matter if you are a huge dog-lover and cannot stand to spend some time away from your dog, or you simply want to know what your cat is doing while you are away – a security camera will let you do all this. In addition to helping you keep track of what your pets are doing, it will also keep them safe.

More and more people nowadays choose to purchase a home security camera to oversee the activities of their pets while they are away. This will help you see how your dog behaves while you are away, who makes the mess (if you have more than one pet), and even let you speak to your cats so that they don’t feel lonely!

Everything is now possible with the right security system. You just have to discover which one is the best for your needs and determine the best location to install it, and you are ready to go outside without worrying about your pet.

Home Security Camera for Outside

Home invaders don't just appear out of nowhere. They have to pass through the outside to enter your home, so naturally, you'd want to install security cameras on the outside. Then you can proceed with installing cameras inside your home.

When you are installing an outside security camera, you must get the right angle and place it in the right area. Placing them in the wrong spot will not keep you protected, negating the purpose of having the camera in the first place. The optimal locations for a security camera for outside are the front and back door or any other door you have, as well as near the first-floor windows. These are the two most common entryways for home invaders and other criminals.

In addition to keeping you safe from criminals, the front door is an excellent place to install a camera since you can see who approaches your home before you answer the door. Make sure to place the camera above the window or door frame and adjust it so that it covers a larger area.

The most important thing about an outside camera is the material and design. Make sure every camera you use outside is waterproof and weather-resistant, and also that it features night vision option that allows you to see what is happening when it is dark outside.

Home Security Camera Internet Monitoring

There are plenty of different names for internet cameras. Some call them webcams; others call them IP cams or internet monitoring security cameras. Whichever you choose, this name stands for any camera that receives and sends data over the internet.

Instead of using cables and wires to transmit the video and show you what is happening inside and outside your home, this camera will transmit digital video over the internet. All you need is a Wi-Fi network to make a connection between the two devices. The camera will work like any other device you connect to your Wi-Fi, such as your scanner or printer.

These systems work exactly as any digital camera with a wire does. The difference is the easy installment, the lack of wires hanging around your home, and the usage of a network to transmit information. Since its invention, this type of camera has become much more popular than traditional, wired camera systems.

Home Security Camera Kit

Based on the type of security camera you buy, you will get a kit for installation and usage. One of the biggest considerations for installation and convenience is whether you should purchase a wired camera or a wireless camera. The wired camera has to be plugged in somewhere, hence the bigger equipment for the installation process.

Wireless means that you enjoy the freedom to install the camera wherever you want. There are no pesky cords, but there is a battery replacement to take care of once in a while.

In addition to cords, you will have to find an outlet to plug in the wired camera, as well as something to cover the wires that go through your home. This is why, in most cases, wired camera require calling in a professional due to the complex installation process. Wireless cameras may still have a kit you should use, but they are usually simpler to install.

Home Security Camera Kit Wireless

When the time comes for you to install a home security camera, the complexity will depend on the system you have chosen. With a wired system, things are much more complicated. With a wireless home security camera, there is basically no equipment to use except for what is needed to install the camera in its position.

Placing the camera on a wall or a door requires only some screws and wall brackets, which will probably come in the package. These are simple to use and, since the camera is wireless, you don’t have to worry about wires or finding a source of electricity. Usually you can do this within minutes. The actual installation only requires the location where you want to place it and some basic tools to place it there. The rest is done on the computer or the mobile device you are connecting your camera with.

Since you chose a wireless home security camera, you should be aware that it will require battery replacement after a certain period of time. Some cameras will show you when the batteries need replacement, and in most cases, the manufacturer will tell you how long a battery can last. Be sure to change the batteries before they’re completely dead, or you will have a gap in your security coverage.

Home Security Camera Night Vision

The night vision feature is highly popular and much demanded in home security, especially if you are installing an outdoor camera and need it to record when it is dark outside. Suitable for both business and home use, night vision camera systems provide more reliable, non-stop surveillance. Choosing a high-quality camera will provide you with a high-resolution image regardless of the lighting conditions.

When you are purchasing a night vision camera, consider the type of connectivity, model for inside or outside, color options, and number of cameras you need, as well as the light settings you require.

The color option is the most important when it comes to night vision. Based on the light level in the environment you are placing under surveillance, you will have to choose between a black, white, or color security camera. Color cameras are the best choice for you when there is sufficient light at all times. The resolution might be lower, but color will help you identify details such as car color, hair of the subject, and clothing.

Home Security Camera Online Viewing

Connecting your camera to a device is the smartest thing you can do today. You don’t even have to be at home to see what is happening in the location where your camera is aimed to record. With a simple click, you can access the video on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

With the innovation of wireless cameras and online viewing options, people can now enjoy complete peace of mind even when at work, on vacation, or whenever their home is empty. Advanced systems send notifications when someone enters or approaches the house, and you can see these at the very same second on your device. By installing such an option, you can finally get rid of the stress over the safety of your home, belongings, and loved ones.