Home Security Camera Systems

Home Security Cameras

Home security systems aren’t a luxury nowadays – they are a necessity. If you’ve been wondering whether or not you need a home video system for security, the answer is a certain yes. If questions about the importance of your security and that of your property are bobbing inside your mind, here are the answers.

The benefits of such systems are obvious. From the prevention of break-ins to keeping track of where your children are, you need a security system for your home. Generally speaking, people install home security cameras for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To protect their home and property from criminals

    According to researchers, a home burglary takes place every 13 seconds in the world. That makes for nearly six thousand burglaries daily!

  • To protect against fire, flooding, and other disasters

    When you can keep track of what is happening inside your home, you can get an instant warning and repair any damage before it worsens. For instance, if a pipe bursts while you’re at work, you will be notified immediately and you can take care of the problem as soon as it happens.

  • To help with insurance claims

    The cost of your insurance will vary based on location, company, payment option, and coverage. If you want to cover the damages or losses from devastating events such as a fire or a burglary, a surveillance system will provide you with the much-needed proof your insurance company may demand.

  • To serve as evidence

    In the case of a burglary or other criminal activity in your home, the police can use the video you obtained from your camera as an evidence.

  • To monitor your indoor and outdoor space for any activity

    It doesn’t have to be a home invader for you to be curious about their showing up at your home. With a camera system, you can always keep track of who enters or exits your property.

Home Security Cameras Wireless

The days when you had to think of a way to cover those obtrusive wires just to have a home security camera system are now gone. Most of the cameras sold today are wireless and use short-range or broadband technologies to communicate with your smart device or a control panel. These are much simpler to install and more flexible in terms of placement.

When home security cameras first became available, people had to connect these to an electrical source to enjoy their features. Some cameras are still made this way, but these are far less popular than the wireless cameras. With a wireless home security camera, the video and audio signal is transmitted over a wireless network to a device you use. Many people enjoy this opportunity to oversee what is happening inside and outside their home even when they are not there.

Not only are these types of cameras priced similarly as the wired systems, but they are much easier to install and transport around your home. You don’t have to worry about wires or hire people to install the camera – you can freely do this on your own and within minutes.

As you are choosing between wired and wireless cameras, you should also know the limitations of this type of camera. A wireless camera must maintain a connection and a signal with the network in order to record footage. If your connection is somehow disrupted, the camera won’t send you the feed. In addition to this, a wireless camera requires battery replacements, so you must take care of this before the battery dies and the camera stops working.

A wireless camera cannot be located too far from the hub. This can also apply to wired cameras unless you want to set up lengthy wires, which will take much of your time and probably require professional installation. All in all, wireless cameras are a much more convenient choice.

Home Security Camera Systems

If you’re wondering which home security camera to choose, here is some information regarding the camera system types you can choose from.

  • Box style security cameras

    The name comes from the camera shape – the box style camera is a standalone system, used for outdoor and indoor purposes. It allows for lens customization and offers various lens options, depending on the type you choose.

  • PTZ security cameras

    PTZ stands for pan, tilt, and zoom. This camera does exactly that; it lets you control the movement via software or joystick. It focuses on the area of interest and can zoom in when you want it to.

  • Dome security cameras

    Dome cameras combine lens, camera, and ceiling mount in a dome shape. It functions like any other camera and the only difference is the design. These cameras are most often used in environments that are prone to getting dirty, such as warehouses or kitchens, as well as the outdoors.

  • Bullet security cameras

    Bullet cameras combine lens, camera, and housing, and very often IR (infrared) illuminators. They have a small footprint and require no separate lens or housing. They is most often used in low-light locations.

  • Day/night security cameras

    Used both indoors and outdoors, this type of camera is perfect for low-light conditions. It can handle all lighting situations thanks to the IR filter.

  • IP security camera

    The IP security camera uses Internet Protocol to transmit a digital signal. It has better system management than traditional analog cameras and increased scalability and resolution.

  • Thermal security cameras

    Thermal cameras use thermal imaging to produce footage in harsh or dark environments. They use heat recognition to detect different objects.

Home Security Camera Wireless Outdoors

If you’re searching for the best wireless home security camera for your outdoors, you already know that such cameras are essential if you want to stop break-ins and keep the family safe from a variety of dangers. What’s left to decide now is where to place the camera for best results.

Whatever camera you choose to install, the effectiveness will depend greatly on the location. When it comes to home security cameras for the outdoor, the following are the most recommended spots:

  • Front and back door
  • Off-street windows and first-floor windows
  • Other entrances, if applicable

Over 30% of all burglars enter homes through the front door, which makes this location your priority. Place the camera on a spot that is unreachable to avoid a criminal from knocking it out before entering your home. When it comes to back doors, up to 20% of all intruders use this door to invade a property. If you have a back door or any side door, make sure to install a camera there too.

First-floor windows are often an alternative entry point for home invaders, used as often as your back door. Put cameras near all off-street windows and every first-floor window. This will keep every entry point of your home secure and monitored. This should cover every entrance point, but to be even safer, there are some other places you may want to secure. These places include driveways, basements, and garages.

Home Security Cameras Reviews

Choosing a product without checking reviews is the biggest mistake you can make nowadays, especially when it comes to such an important item as a home security camera. You want your home to be as safe as it goes, so making the right choice is essential. Keep in mind that this list provides reviews of the three most promising products on the market, but the final choice will still depend on your needs and requirements.

Canary Pro (All-In-One)

With a relatively affordable price and incredible design, the Canary Pro (all-in-one) camera provides you with ease of use, high-quality resolution, and many advanced features that can hardly be found with other cameras. You can enjoy the flexibility to move the camera around and have peace of mind that people will notice it.

In addition to full HD video recording, this item has a night vision feature; monitors air quality, humidity and temperature; and sends location-based alerts.

Netgear Arlo Pro 2

The quality of the image here is equally high as that of Canary, but the pricing is more than doubled. This item is suitable for outdoor use due to its weatherproof features and rechargeable batteries. It supports Alexa and IFTTT voice commands and has a subscription-based large cloud storage. In addition to being much more expensive than most cameras, it also requires a hub. Many of its great features are only available when the camera is plugged in.

iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep Pro

With sharp image quality and a mechanical tilt and pan feature, this is a great choice of a camera for your home. It comes at a rather steep price and the pan and tilt feature is a bit sluggish, but other than that, this is a very smart security system. This final item has a motion tracking system and offers time-lapse recording. The cloud storage comes free of charge, which is a relief because of the high price of the camera itself.

Home Security Camera Systems Reviews

To select a home security camera system means to choose which items will guard your home and family. This isn’t easy. To help you out, we made a list of the top four items you should consider when buying a camera for your home.

Canary Pro (All-in-One)

Canary is by far the most popular item on the market, and it’s also a highly affordable one. Considering that this product has more features than the majority of similarly priced items on the market, it is no wonder that Canary takes the top of many lists online.

This wireless camera system is so easy to use, there is no installation whatsoever. No wires or placing the camera on the walls. Thanks to its fine and compact design, you can place it anywhere and enjoy your days with peace of mind. High resolution, full movement flexibility, and night vision are just a few of the many features offered in this package. When you purchase a premium service, you get over 50% off of the original rate.

Tend Secure Lynx Indoor

As the name suggests, this is an indoor wireless camera. It is affordable and very simple to install. In addition to the 1080p video, the Tend Secure Lynx indoor camera offers face recognition, free cloud storage, motion detection, and two-way audio. For effective face recognition, the person needs to be very close to the camera. It also cannot integrate with other devices.

Wyze Cam V2

The price of this item is very low, but it is also limited in terms of devices it connects to and the features it supports. Nonetheless, the Wyze Cam V2 offers local storage, free cloud storage, high-quality resolution, and motion tracking.

Honeywell Lyric C2 Wi-Fi Security Camera

A higher priced product, the Honeywell Lyric camera has a great daytime image quality and cloud storage, as well as pre-buffer recording. For that price, however, you’d expect it to integrate with other devices by the same company. This is not the case, and the night vision images offer very low quality resolution.

Home Security Cameras Wireless Reviews

If you want to keep an eye on your home from anywhere and at any time, a small Wi-Fi security camera can do the trick, and it is extremely easy to set up. You can connect it to your phone, PC, or tablet, and it will send you a notification whenever there is a noise or movement in its field of vision. Most quality cameras also provide an automatic recording that is motion-activated, as well as night vision features.

To aid you in finding the right one for you, we tested several of the most popular IP cameras and rated them based on performance.

Best indoor camera – Nest Cam Indoor

If you’ve heard of the popular Dropcam, know that this is the third generation of cameras that follow it. It is simple to set up and offers high resolution. Thanks to the swiveling and magnetic base, you can place it at any indoor location. Its night vision is perfectly clear and the camera can also be used as an intercom. However, to enjoy all these features, you need to pay an extra monthly fee and purchase the Nest Aware program premium service.

Best outdoor camera – Netgear Arlo Pro

The new Wi-Fi camera by Netgear works indoors and outdoors but is more popular for outdoor use. It is powered by the power cord or battery and has night vision, motion detection, and intercom functions. It is great for outdoors due to the weatherproof feature and the 130-degree field of view.

Best sensors and price – Canary Pro (All-in-One)

The environmental sensors on the Canary camera monitor humidity, heat, and air quality. It includes a loud siren, geofencing feature, an intercom, motion detection, and many other features. It can interact with Wink smart home devices and has a high-quality resolution. The best part is that the price is very affordable.

Home Security Camera Systems 2018

New cameras and systems show up every year, making the choices more numerous but also harder for the buyers. If you want to improve the security of your home, you probably want the best offered on the market at the moment. At this point, here are the best home security camera systems of 2018.

Canary Pro (All-in-One)

Featuring high-quality resolution and a wide angle lens, Canary Pro (All-in-One) is the most popular camera system for home use. Thanks to its very compact and appealing design, this system is widely liked by customers. You can place it anywhere you want and not worry that it will ruin your decor, and at the same time, you can rest assured that the camera captures everything that is happening inside your home. This includes monitoring of the air, making it possible for you to improve your living are for the better. This is the best-priced item considering its myriad of features, and it is also the most popular in terms of the variety of sensors it has.

Amazon Cloud Cam

The Amazon Cloud Cam is a popular indoor camera with free 24-hour clip storage, 1080p live feed, and motion notifications. The pricing is similar to that of Canary, even though it is a bit limited in terms of features when compared to the first choice.

Netgear Arlo Pro

Arlo Pro by Netgear works both outdoors and indoors. It has a rechargeable battery that supposedly works for up to six months, even though some customers have said it lasts much less than this. Interestingly, this high-quality camera is higher priced than the other two and has fewer features than either of them.

Home Security Cameras Reviews

If you want to know which camera best fits your needs, here are summaries of some home security cameras reviews.

Best indoor home security camera – Canary Pro (All-in-One)

With a great price and 24/7 live video, this is the most popular choice. The Canary camera looks amazing and requires no installation whatsoever. The best part about it is that you can place it anywhere you want without trouble and enjoy numerous features such as air monitoring, motion sensor reports, two-way audio, and high-resolution images.

Best outdoor home security camera – Amcrest ProHD Outdoor

Specifically made for outdoor use, the Amcrest ProHD camera features 1296p HD resolution, 98-foot night vision range, and a 100-degree field of vision. This camera has the highest video quality of all cameras in the list, which is important for an outdoor camera. It also features motion detection and long night-vision range. However, it is limited in terms of movement and offers no sound, only video.

Best night vision camera – YI Home Camera 2

The resolution of this item is high at 1920x1080p HD. Its angle is 130 degrees, which is the same as the Canary camera. Thanks to the night vision feature and the 11 infrared LEDs that stretch up to 30 feet when there is no light at all, the camera can capture clear and sharp images even in the dark.

Best HD camera – Nest Cam IQ

The Nest Cam IQ has a 1080p HD resolution, making it an obviously fine choice. In addition to this, it has a 4K sensor, 12x zoom option, two-way voice, three-hour snapshot history, and a 130-degree field of view. The design is very easy to use, but this camera is highly priced.

Home Security Camera Systems Reviews

Not every camera system is an actual security guarantee for you. All kinds of things can go wrong. The camera might not catch the angle where the intruder went, or it might have low-quality resolution or fail to provide you with a notice when something happens. If you choose an outdoor camera, the wrong choice may result in the camera being destroyed due to weather conditions.

Naturally, you want the best of them all. Here are the top choices for indoor and outdoor camera systems.

Canary Pro (All-in-One)

This one is definitely the most popular of them all. Suitable for your interior spaces, this camera needs no installation and can be placed anywhere. Thanks to the modern design, it will fit your décor perfectly, wherever you decide to place it. Enjoy all kinds of features all at once and at a very low price – high-resolution imaging, two-way talk, air humidity and quality monitoring, reports, alarm, and more.

Nest Cam Outdoor IQ

Similarly, for an outdoor camera, you need the best and most durable available on the market. You won’t have to spend a fortune, but be prepared to do some installation for this one. The resolution of this camera is high and the operating temperature has a very wide range, making it perfect for lots of different weather. Thanks to the night vision feature, you can see everything clearly even when it is dark outside.

Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Keeping an eye on your home is always a good idea, especially when it comes to the outside perimeter. Your belongings and family members are most often inside the house, which would make you believe that this is the first place you need to install cameras. However, most intruders and any other dangers come from the exterior, and it is much safer for you to know of their actions before they enter your home.

Generally speaking, outdoor security cameras will offer you the following benefits:

  • Evidence in the form of camera footage that you can use to prove that a crime occurred
  • Deterrence in the sense that you can deter home invaders who notice the camera
  • Protection from package theft after delivery
  • Evidence of mishandling of your packages by the delivery service
  • Remote protection when you are away from your home, especially when you’re on vacation
  • Protection of your outdoor possessions, such as cars you leave in your driveway or sheds for outdoor storage
  • Keeping watch and controlling the kids and other family members

Keep in mind that these are just the most common reasons why people choose to add surveillance on the outside as well as the inside of their homes. Burglars have to enter from somewhere, so covering all your basis only adds to your security and the safety of your beloved ones.

Home Security Cameras for Sale

If you haven’t checked the latest sale on Canary, you should definitely do this! The most popular camera surveillance system is now on sale, but only if you purchase a premium service of one or two years. If you choose the second option, you get $100 discount, which is more than half the price of the actual camera.

The Canary Pro (All-in-One) surveillance system provides users with everything they need to keep their homes safe. The trendy design makes it suitable for use in all rooms and locations, while the wide shooting angle allows you to see everything that is happening in your home. In addition to this, the Canary camera is widely recognized for its sensors for humidity and air quality. It is the ultimate protection, starting with home invaders and ending with keeping you healthy inside your house.

This is the best bargain currently available on the market. For those who search for home security cameras for sale, the Canary Pro (All-in-One) system is the most discounted offer at this very moment. At the same time, it is the most popular one you can find, so it is a win-win.

Home Security Cameras with Audio

Audio security cameras make it possible for you to talk to the people in the area where the camera is located. This is an excellent chance to keep track of what your children, pets, and elderly parents or grandparents are doing while also enabling you to talk to them whenever you need this.

The Canary Pro (All-in-One) system has a two-way-audio feature, making it possible for you to actually communicate with the people you see on video. These cameras include a built-in microphone and a speaker that more people use in real time.

Generally speaking, there are three types of audio modes in such security cameras:

  • Simplex
  • Full-duplex
  • Half-duplex

The IP home security cameras such as this one use either the second or the third option. With half-duplex mode, the audio is sent in both directions, but only one of the parties can receive audio data at a set point. This is similar to walkie-talkies, where people must take turns speaking. In full-duplex mode, both parties can speak and receive audio data at the same time. This is more similar to actual face-to-face conversation.

Of course, the only benefit from the audio feature isn’t talking to kids or parents. You can use this system to give your pets a command to prevent them from doing forbidden things, let the delivery man place the package in the location where you want him to, or scare off potential intruders with a verbal warning. The options are limitless.

Home Security Camera as Baby Monitor

If you are new to parenting, you are probably wondering about many purchasing decisions. One of these questions is whether you should buy an audio baby monitor or a camera baby monitor.

Lately, the latter is the preferred option, especially if the camera has a two-way-audio feature, making it possible to both see and hear your baby even if you are not in the same room. Popular cameras like the Canary Pro (All-in-One) provide you with exactly that – a combination of watching and listening with the possibility of talking to your baby from another room.

If you are looking to buy a security camera to watch the baby, this baby monitor/camera will provide you with the extra security and flexibility you need so much. The traditional baby monitors don’t have the same capacity for file storage, even if they have a video shooting option.

This advanced security system includes one very important feature that you will surely want for your baby – monitoring the air quality and humidity and then informing you of the results. In addition to being able to keep track of what your baby is doing, listening and talking to the baby, you can actually know whether the baby is breathing clean air.

The features don’t end here. With an advanced baby monitor with a camera, you can enjoy some, if not all, of the following features:

  • High-resolution feed and a wide range of vision
  • Snapshot capabilities
  • Continuous video
  • Light displays and sounds intended to soothe and distract the baby

Many security cameras of this kind allow you to see your baby through the smartphone, so you can actually keep track of what they are doing when you are at work. You can keep an eye on the nanny, too.

Home Security Camera Audio

The first thing to consider when buying a home security camera with audio is the sound quality. Consider this the number one checking point. When doing this, pay attention to the following three elements:

  • Audio volume of the cameras
  • Audio clarity
  • Delays in the communication

As you know already, some audio systems that allow for simultaneous speaking, while some demand that you take turns. The best way to check this is by reading customer testimonials online and checking the reputation and a video/audio sample of the camera you have in mind online.

The best choice of such a security system is the Canary Pro (All-in-One) camera surveillance system. Using the highest quality two-way audio, you can hear and communicate with others with clarity and speed. In addition to this feature, this now highly affordable camera has a variety of other features installed in it, such as air quality monitoring, wide shooting angle, 90-decibel siren, and HD video.

Getting a camera is a smart idea, but getting one with an audio feature is even smarter. You can use this feature to talk and listen to what is happening, communicate with visitors on your doorstep, scare away intruders, give instructions to your pets, and whatever else you need.

Home Security Camera Angles

Installing all those cameras will be worthless unless you know where to place them. Finding the right angle for your cameras is essential for you to oversee everything and keep your home safe. When it comes to camera placement, here are the tips you should definitely follow.

Make Use of All Four Corners

Place cameras at each of the four corners in the interior of your room if you are installing a camera inside. In any case, make sure that the view of the cameras is unobstructed and oversees the entire perimeter you want to keep safe.

Focus on the Entry Points

The first places to install your camera are the entry points. Make sure every outdoor camera has an unimpeded view of the entry points that lead to the inside of your home.

Make Use of Height

Your cameras should be placed on locations that are impossible to reach. Otherwise, home invaders will quickly damage, tamper with, or remove the camera in order to destroy evidence.

Point at the Most Valuable Things

If you don’t want to place too many cameras, point your existing cameras at what you want to protect most. There are some cameras that allow for tilting and zooming, so you might want to purchase those to be able to move them when needed. However, the main focus and continuous shooting should always remain on your most valuable possessions.

Home Security Camera Alarm System

The Canary Pro (All-in-One) system has a 90-decibel alarm included. In addition to the video surveillance and two-way audio, you can actually get an alarm system without purchasing it separately. Many people think they must decide between purchasing a security camera or an alarm system that works with sensors. With such advanced systems like the Canary surveillance product, you can finally combine both for the price of one.

You won’t just be watching what is happening inside and outside your home; the system will also serve as an alarm in case an intruder enters your home. For those who find personal safety to be one of the biggest priorities, this is a great combination.

Need some more reasons why you should opt for a camera with an attached alarm system? Here are just a few of the best.

  • The system will deter criminal activity.
  • An alarm system protects your valuables and your property.
  • It protects your beloved ones.
  • It allows you to have remote access and viewing to your home.
  • Having an alarm system lowers the renter’s and homeowner’s insurance.
  • It can notify you of air pollution, gas, or fire issues.
  • It helps protect your home from any intruders.

All these reasons add up to one grand reason – having an alarm system will keep you stress-free. When you know your home is being protected by a dual system of a camera and an alarm, you can rest assured that no one can harm those in it.

Home Security Camera and Light

Many previous home security cameras needed a light installed with them. Nowadays, this is not the best solution to your security problems. A camera that turns on a light when it is dark is instantly noticeable, which is something most homeowners don't really want. Moreover, such cameras require more electricity or empty the batteries much faster, which is also a problem.

Right now, the most popular camera systems include a night vision feature in addition to the regular daily recording options. If you need to see things at night, in low light, or while you are away, you need a night vision camera to provide you with clear pictures of what is happening inside and outside of your home.

This is a factor you should consider very carefully. Some cameras have a better night vision feature than others, making the former the obvious choice for you. If you select a camera with poor night vision picture quality, it will be as if you have no camera whatsoever. After all, one of the biggest reasons why people install cameras in the first place is for security and evidence, which would be hardly applicable if the night vision option on your camera is bad.

In the case that you decide to use a camera with an additional external light source next to it, you should decide between HID (high-intensity discharge), IR (infrared) illumination, and incandescent lights. The lamps you will mount in addition to the camera need to be placed in the right location so as to avoid shadows and reflections. There are also many special color-corrected lamps that produce white light that fits most cameras.

When installing an outdoor camera, avoid direct sunlight and a view of too much sky. Direct sunlight will burn the CDD (charge-coupled device), cause image stripes, and blind the camera when you most need it. Too much sky means too much contrast, which will make the camera adjust to achieve a better level for the sky, rather than the ground. As a result, the remaining of the image will appear darker.

Obviously, a great way to avoid these two issues is to mount your camera higher. This is also a good idea because your camera should not be accessible to home invaders.

Home Security Camera and Monitor

Security cameras come in all sizes and shapes. When the time comes for you to choose a camera, there are a few things you need to think about, including:

  • Weather-resistance for an outdoor security camera
  • Power supply and installation
  • Recording capabilities
  • Integration options
  • Wired or wireless
  • Additional features
  • Monitoring options

The last thing on this list is a highly important factor to consider when choosing your security camera. Watching what is happening inside or outside your home is the entire purpose of the camera you decide to install, which is why the integration option should be one of your priorities.

Many camera systems are accompanied by a special monitor where you can oversee what the camera captures. The more advanced systems such as Canary allow you to see the live feed from any smart device, making it possible for you to monitor your home when you are not there. This makes everything much easier, and with the two-way audio feature included in the package, you can actually talk to people inside and outside your home even when you’re away.

Affordable Home Security Camera

Believe it or not, a truly affordable home security camera isn’t simply the cheapest camera you can get. Rather, it is the highest-quality camera you can get at an affordable price. That being said, Canary Pro (All-in-One) is the choice in terms of a security camera recommended most by users for many reasons.

Affordable pricing

The pricing of this camera isn’t just affordable. In addition to being reasonably priced considering the variety of features included in the package, the Canary Pro (All-in-One) is now sold at over 50 percent off for those who purchase a two-year premium service.

Variety of features

This is a smart choice of a home security camera solution because of the amazingly high variety of features included in the offer. Canary Pro (All-in-One) includes a wireless camera that requires no installation, has a compact and innovative design, can be placed anywhere you want, has an air monitoring system installed, and offers high-resolution HD image and two-way audio, as well as an alarm system.

You can use this camera for anything and everything. From catching intruders to serving as a baby monitor, this camera truly offers a lot. Thanks to the addition of an alarm system, you don’t have to spend extra money on purchasing yet another item or service to increase the security of your home and belongings.

When it comes to affordability, Canary remains the leader. There are many other popular choices online, but this is currently the best-priced choice of a high-quality home security camera. Other choices that combine this amount of features cost at least double the price of this one, which is the biggest reason why people rate this item as highly as they do.

Make the smart choice and order the Canary Pro (All-in-One) camera system before the deal ends. With a two-year premium service, you get over a $100 discount on the actual product, making this camera the definitively lowest-priced system with most features to offer.