Home security in moments.

Find the perfect home for your Canary and plug it in. Download the app, which will walk you through how to create an account and connect to Wi-Fi. Security made simple.

Always know what’s happening.

Use the Canary app to watch live from anywhere at anytime. Canary connects your home to your phone in HD video, 24/7.

Watch live anywhere
Just come, and go.

Canary automatically changes modes when you enter and leave your home. No complicated keypad codes to remember.

Away mode
Away Mode

When all members are away, Canary monitors for activity and sends notifications.

Home mode
Home Mode

When a member is home, record events, customize notifications or set to private.

Night mode
Night Mode

Schedule Canary to monitor for activity and send you notifications while you sleep.

Privacy mode

When set to private, Canary’s camera and microphone are fully disabled.

Receive intelligent notifications.

When motion is detected, Canary records it in HD video and sends it to your phone, with a mobile alert.

Respond to any situation.

In an emergency, sound the 90 decibel siren or connect with local police right from the Canary app. If it's just the cat being mischievous, now you have all the evidence you need.

Respond to any situation
Keep track of what’s going on.

Access the timeline for a living history of your home. Watch recorded events, and save and bookmark the
 ones worth keeping. Share your favorites with #CaughtByCanary.

Check in on the health of your home.

Canary’s HomeHealth Technology™ monitors air quality, temperature, and humidity. It all adds up to a smarter and safer home environment.

Check in on the health of your home
Perfect for any home.

Canary is designed for homes of all sizes. The Canary app seamlessly integrates multiple devices so you can easily swipe from room to room.

Try Canary today.

Canary works with any iOS or Android compatible smartphone, not to mention the Apple Watch. We make it easy for you to experience everyday security.

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