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Canary is one of the fastest-growing Consumer IoT category leaders and a DIY smart home security pioneer with users in over 180 countries. It is redefining home security with innovative products, elegant design, and interactive services to make people’s life more comfortable, more efficient and safe.

Via our Partnership Programs you can easily benefit from our trusted brand and the growing DIY smarthome industry. Generate additional revenue by offering our products to your customers as product bundle, upsell or cross-sell opportunities or simply use our products as a retention/acquisition incentive and benefit from our special partner discounts.

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Our platform enables 24/7 monitoring (self or professional monitoring), data storage in our secured cloud and includes award-winning HD Wi-Fi cameras, for indoor & outdoor, both battery powered & wired. Our apps deliver exceptional user experience with cutting-edge AI driven features.

Our e-commerce enables tracking, reporting, analisys and quick partner-integration with or without API as well as white label solutions. So you could practically start to benefit from day one.

Our marketing team support partners with insights, collaterals and special offers.

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Quick & Easy Integration