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Professional Monitoring

Complete 24/7 Security

  • 24/7 alarm monitoring by certified experts

  • Real-time text/call notifications

  • Fastest first responder dispatch

  • Intelligent video verification

  • No contract, cancel anytime

* Introductory offer is for the first device on your location for the first 12 months. Terms and conditions apply.

Why Professional Monitoring?

Еvery second matters in an emergency – Professional Monitoring takes “self-monitoring“ to the next level. Our certified Professional Monitoring experts will monitor alerts 24/7 and dispatch first responders for you in case you’re busy or you simply miss your phone alerts.

Police Car

24/7 Protection When
You Need it Most

If there’s ever any suspicious behavior, home break-ins and burglaries, and you’re away from home or your phone, we’ve got you covered. Our Professional Monitoring experts will alert the police right away.

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Canary Professional Monitoring

Canary Professional Monitoring

Other Professional Monitoring Providers

Detects a Person

24/7 Alarm Monitoring by Certified Experts

Instant Text/Call Notifications When Threat is Detected

Alarm is Confirmed by Trained Expert

Intelligent Video Verification

First Responders Dispatched on Your Behalf

No Contract: cancel anytime. Money Back Guarantee

Quick & Easy Setup

*Introductory offer is per device and for the first 12 months. Terms and conditions apply.

How Professional Monitoring Works

Faster First Responder Dispatch

Why We’re the Best

Most alarm companies cannot provide evidence or important details to first responders in an emergency. Our intelligent video verification enables us to share incident-videos, so first responders can treat your alarm with the
highest priority and fastest dispatch.

Our certified Professional Monitoring experts will stay with you every step of the way until you and your home are safe.

Complete Security When You’re Away

24/7 Certified Agents

Our professional monitoring centers are Five Diamond-certified and UL listed, meaning they’re the best trained experts, on-call 24/7 for you.

Intelligent Video Verification

With video verification as evidence, first responders give higher priority to your alarm, resulting in a faster response time.

Text/Call Notifications

If there’s an emergency detected, or the police are dispatched, a certified expert will reach out to you, keeping you notified every step of the way.

Your Content is Private

Only an event-triggered video will be forwarded to emergency responders. All videos are secure, private, and protected in the cloud.

Just Come and Go

No pin codes to slow you down. Professional Monitoring automatically arms and disarms based on your location.

Always In Control

You’re always in charge to dismiss or escalate an alarm directly to certified security experts and emergency responders.

Firemen with Canary Device

First Choice of First Responders

The security solution used by more than 10,000 first responders.

Security That Pays for Itself

Since 2015, Canary users have saved more than an estimated $5,000,000 on insurance premiums just by owning a Canary security camera.