Save on your insurance premium with Canary.

Our commitment to providing true security enables you to reduce your insurance costs with leading insurance providers.

Have a different insurance provider?

Contact your agent or customer service representative and ask if there is a discount for using Canary as your security system.

The future of smart insurance.

Insurance is getting smarter and you can help make it more accurate and affordable by sharing your information directly with your insurance provider.

The data you authorize to share is secure and includes your name, address, HomeHealth sensor data, aggregate activity, and certain device and location settings. As always, video and audio data is encrypted and will not be shared, and your participation in data sharing is completely optional.

Learn about which data is shared

Learn more about how Canary collects and secures your data in connection with our products and services


Participating Insurance Discount

Homeowners and renters may be eligible for discounts from participating insurance providers after installing an active Canary system in your home. Contact your insurance agent to learn more and verify eligibility – discounts can only be applied after you contact your agent.

Optional Data Sharing

To assist your insurance provider with ongoing research, analysis, and offerings, you may choose to share certain Canary information (such log data indicating device on/off status, alerts & notifications, sensor readings, and temperature readings) with the insurance provider. Shared information will not include camera feeds or recordings.


If you opt in, you consent to Canary sharing such information. You can withdraw your consent for sharing at any time. Participation in the Canary data sharing program is optional and is not required for discount eligibility. Regardless, you still must contact your agent to ensure the discount is applied to your insurance policy.

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