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Canary’s 7-Day plan includes unlimited video downloads and 100 video bookmarks. Go month-to-month or select annual and save.


  • 12 Hours of Video History
  • 3 Video Downloads
  • 5 Video Bookmarks


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  • 7 Days of Video History
  • Unlimited Video Downloads
  • 100 Video Bookmarks

$99/yr. or $9.99/mo.

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Extended timeline.

Your timeline is a living history of your home. When did the kids get home yesterday? Did Dad remember to take his medicine this morning? Your timeline is a record of everything you need. The more timeline you have, the more you know about your home.

Unlimited downloads.

Some videos are so important you'll want your own copy. Whether you're downloading a video of your baby's first steps to share with grandpa (she did it!), or surprising footage of your landlord snooping around (finally, proof)—get unlimited downloads with an extended plan.

Even more bookmarks.

Save a video in your timeline, and you'll have access to it in the Canary app forever—you don't even need space on your phone for it, we save it to the Canary Cloud. It's the best way to keep your favorite home videos around and watch them from anywhere.

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