No matter where you are, Canary helps you protect the people and places you care about most.

Hold on to the moments that matter.

Every family is different. Whether yours is filled with first words, soccer practice, prom dates, or quality time with grandma and grandpa, Canary helps you save the important milestones in your life.

Never miss a moment

“We’re so thankful that Canary was watching and recording as our baby took her first steps! We now have it preserved on video and are able to show friends and family.”
— Eric, Charlotte

HD Video

Motion detection

Free Cloud Storage

“With 2 houses 1300 miles apart, we are always able to see both places no matter where we are, and feel secure that Canary is watching and letting us know everything is safe.”

— Alan, North Hills

“Canary’s home health settings let me know right away that the air quality in my home had become consistently abnormal, and it was time to change my air filter.”

— David, Indiana

“When my fridge stopped working in my apartment, I called maintenance to check it out. I got a notification when the repairman arrived, and was able to watch him come into my home while I was at work. Canary worked just as I’d hoped!”

— Chase, Oregon

Never miss a moment.

Save the best videos with Canary Premium Service. Capture first words, pillow forts, and game nights, and store them in the Canary Cloud.

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